We are inspired by aspects of many established pedagogic approaches like Steiner and Montessori, but we do not follow a specific pedagogic theory.

As we explore and play, co-creating this project of natural education, we are engaged in an organic, unfolding journey, valuing self expression and collective responsibility.

We hold a safe space for those involved in the project to more fully understand and see the whole being and its development. We witness. We facilitate. We explore. We reflect and we respond to the unique synergetic effect that emanates from a certain group of people, big and small who meet and interact on a regular basis. We create an intentional culture of trust, respect and confidence.

We overtly explore how groups work and how goals are met. How? Why? What works? What didn’t work? How can we adapt our practice to be effective? We value process, support, and we seek a practice free from dogmas and prejudice. We have at our centre a trust in the natural process of life.

In our work as Facilitators we value the basic principles of the ‘holistic’ pedagogy which proposes to gather many diverse perspectives in a project that wants to understand the totality of the human person and defines as its own goal to print deep reverence for life and the passion to learn (Miller,Ron 1997).