Folha Verde started in early Autumn 2018 and we are initially operating for a two day week (Monday and Tuesday) until the end of 2018. We then plan to extend our project week to a three-day week from Mondays-Wednesdays.

The idea for Folha Verde came about after a series of meetings during the spring and summer of 2017. In early Autumn that year the project started life in a yurt and a wooden roundhouse on land owned by parents involved in the project – a modest but very positive start for a project that was set to grow and flourish. In mid-October forest fires struck this region of Portugal, resulting in many of the families involved in the project losing their homes and possessions as well as the loss of the sites that were being used for the Folha Verde project. The majority of those involved in Folha Verde are still here and still want this project to happen for their children. For a time, many could not put time and energy into making it happen as they were rebuilding the basic structures needed for their life here. Now there is a rekindling of energy to bring life back to Folha Verde, as well as the confirmation of the Lagar building as a beautiful space for our project.