What we do

About Folha Verde….

We support younger children in their experience of life in a crèche/kindergarten setting that is grounded in free play with guided activities on offer. We provide a safe, held space 3 days a week and facilitate activities like drawing, painting, weaving, bread-making, nature-based art activities, walks in nature and daily reading of stories and singing of songs in Portuguese.

The older children involved in Folha Verde use the tools of the Agile Learning Centres to create a culture of freedom, responsibility and fun. In our morning sessions, older children work with us to structure their time at Folha Verde ensuring they can fulfill the legal exam requirements for home educated children in Portugal (in an open, fun and creative way). In our afternoon sessions we offer flexibility and responsiveness in answering the needs and expressed desires of the kids. Whether they decide to play outdoor games, engage in art and craft activities, research subjects of interest or design and explore different projects – we are there to facilitate that.

We offer, engage with and reflect upon concepts like:

  • Learning about our ‘whole being’– including our intellectual, physical, social & emotional life
  • Peace studies – how we can cultivate peace and harmony in daily life
  • Social studies/diversity – introduction to geography, sociology, psychology
  • Practical life skills like carpentry, construction and engineering, working together to design and build sustainable structures and energy systems
  • Mathematics and Science 
  • Communication – languages and literacy, including Portuguese, English and music 
  • Organic gardening and permaculture
  • Nutrition and cooking – learning about healthy food and how to prepare it
  • Art, expression and crafts – engaging with beautiful things from our internal life and the natural world
  • Games and free play – individually and collectively