The blog is back….

It’s been a long time since we last wrote this blog, but now we’d like to write regularly again to share what we are getting up to at Folha Verde.

We’ve just returned here after a long break because of the lockdown period. Everyone was excited to be back and to see each other again.

We have a new schedule for the older children – including a projects session the late morning session, giving children a chance to develop learning and skills in one project over a period of time. We’ve already started one carpentry project making tool boxes with Paul, and there’s many other ideas for carpentry projects in the future.

We have also been studying of the importance of sleep, learning about Karate and anatomy, linguistics and meditation. A small team are creating a Lego city and writing about their experience and the thought processes involved in creating it.

Ines is working with some of the children on a project to make string from nettle fibre and learn about the qualities of nettles.

Also the children have been given their own journals, in which they are asked to write at least one weekly entry. It could be about their experience here at Folha Verde, reflections on what they are learning and doing here, or asking themselves questions such as ‘what would I do if you could fly?’ or ‘the most important thing I’ve ever learned is….’. 

The older children are now working together in smaller groups, meaning that Facilitators here can more easily support them in their learning. 

In Jardim with the younger ones we have been doing some weaving, planting some vegetables in the garden, doing the usual weekly baking, as well as talking and playing games about emotions.

Last week we had a lovely offering from Heather, who bought in her baby chicks and shared her experience of looking after them in this early part of their lives, as well as some other chicken-related facts!

We have been enjoyed the warm early summer weather with lots of outdoor play, including a facilitators versus children tug of war (the children won!).

We have a new cloakroom, built by Miguel and Luis, so that bags, coats and shoes can be better organised in a brighter storage space, rather than often being left in a pile in the dark space at the back of the building!

In Jardim with the younger ones we have been doing some weaving, planting some vegetables in the garden and doing the usual weekly baking and talking and playing games about emotions.

We have some new members of the Folha Verde community – two new children Kaya and Gwendoline, as well as three new Facilitators, Cami who brings her knowledge of Portuguese, movement and martial arts, Paul who has trained as a teacher and will do practical projects with the children and Claudia who is helping with Portuguese and maths.

We have our July Open Month coming up soon, when other children from the local community come and join us for the month and we have more focus on arts and crafts, games, outdoor play and swimming. We will also continue some of our ongoing projects.

That’s all for now x