Feeling creative at Folha Verde

This week was a truly creative week – from magic wand-making and creating paper mâché bowls in Folha Verde Jardim, to making casts of children’s hands to shape them into beautiful bowls and drawing ‘um jardim Portugues’ with different fruit and vegetables labelled in Portuguese, as well as having a creative time outdoors with clay.

On Wednesday it was our monthly parents and volunteers meeting and children of all ages helped to chop vegetables for the soup which we enjoy together during the meeting.  In our meeting we talked about what is happening in the different Folha Verde groups, our plans to continue to improve the building and land and the idea of having a Spring Fair on 27th April to raise funds for the project. We also talked about plans for local resident Wendy (who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in eco-building and permaculture) to come and host a workshop here in the summer giving people the chance to learn about building worm-composting toilets, with the end result being that two will be built for Folha Verde.

On Tuesday, our one rainy day this week, Folha Verde Jardim children came downstairs to join the older children for an afternoon of playing games and making play-doh shapes. It is good to have everyone together in the same space sometimes and helps to relieve the cabin fever of having ten or so younger children in the not-so-big Folha Verde Jardim room upstairs.

Finally, just to say a big thank you to Heather who has stepped in a couple of times at short notice in the last two weeks to help out in Folha Verde Jardim. It’s great to know we have a small team of people ready to step in and help out when needed.

See you next week x