Back to Folha Verde….

We’re back at Folha Verde after our winter break and the sun has been shining all week. It’s very cold and frosty when we arrive in the mornings and the children have been making the most of it by creating ice treasures with beautiful things from nature.

The main attraction this week at Folha Verde has been our new swings, kindly donated and installed by a company from Porto after they saw our recent TVi report. They have proved popular with children of all ages – so now the ‘hole politics’ of last year have been replaced by ‘swing politics’ with more than twenty children wanting to go on the two swings!

We’ve had another rethinking of our daily schedule with the Oak and Chestnut groups, with our main learning and literacy sessions now taking place in the first session of the morning and immediately after lunch (when it seems focus is generally better!). The ‘offering’ sessions and free play now take place in the late morning and late afternoon sessions. It seems to work well, so we are gradually finding the best rhythm for our days.

We had a double 2nd birthday celebration in Folha Verde Jardim this week for Rueben and Lila, with dancing to music by Kin on violin and delicious cakes to be shared by all.

It’s good to be back!