Happy holiday from everyone at Folha Verde

Well we did it! We have finished our first term at Folha Verde and now we are all ready for a well-deserved holiday. It’s been a good few months and it’s been great to see the children enjoying themselves together, playing a part in directing their own learning journeys, solving their own problems and managing their relationships with one another.

As usual there’s been a wide range of activities going on this week – from a creative card-making session with Ines in which children made secret messages (with paint that could be scratched away to reveal the messages). We had a session about the brain – learning about the different parts of this complex organ and making one out of plasticine.

A popular new game this week was ‘catch the mouse’, a game of awareness and speed in which different coloured mice have to move quickly out of the way of ‘the cat’ – a lot of fun, and a great way of cementing our knowledge of the colours in Portuguese (which we have been learning in recent weeks).

It goes without saying that work on ‘the hole’ continued this week, even in the cold, windy, drizzle – a testament to the commitment there is to this project! Also this week children of all ages planted some fruit and vegetables in our new garden beds.

Some of the boys also made some pretty impressive structures out of wooden blocks.

We are grateful to a group of ‘virtual’ online knitters who, after seeing the recent TV report about Folha Verde, were inspired to knit us an impressive collection of hats, scarves, gloves and ponchos to keep us all warm in these colder months, as well as three beautifully made knitted dolls for Folha Verde Jardim.

It was good to have Bella with us for the day on Monday, and we all had a bit of excitement at the end of that day when the Cercol truck delivered a load of sand ready for our soon-to-be-installed set of swings. The truck got stuck at the bottom of the track and the driver said he needed a bit of extra weight in the back to help him on his way. Well the Folha Verde crew didn’t need asking twice – many of the children and parents jumped straight in to help out (and to get a much appreciated life up to the road of course!).

We finished off our last day of term with a lovely singing and percussion session – an offering from Kin. We used some of the great instruments donated recently by Josh and Veronika and then enjoyed some biscuits made by the Folha Verde Jardim team.

A big thank you to everyone who has played their part in making Folha Verde what it is. We wish everyone a restful, peaceful and happy holidays. See you in the new year!