Zombies, land art and the history of vegetables!

Well there’s been a lot of coughs and colds going around Folha Verde these last couple of weeks, but there’s still plenty happening.

We’ve enjoyed creating some land art, learning about the history of vegetables, doing some zombie face-painting, drawing owls and baking and sharing banana bread together, as well as our usual literacy sessions with ‘oak’ and ‘chestnut’.

Rufus amazed us all with his vast knowledge of Greek mythology and he and Surya have created a Greek Gods family tree with Claire. They are now thinking about creating some kind of ‘Greek Gods’ board game or card game.

We have a new addition to our outside space – a tree trunk circular stepping circuit (thanks Miguel).
Zephyr, Oshun and Rufus performed a real feat of communication and co-ordination by doing the circuit with their legs tied together in an amazing four-legged challenge (slightly nerve-wracking to watch, but impressive nonetheless)!

Work on ‘the hole’ continues apace, with ideas now for a planning session to talk about the creation of the structure for the underground den (the secret is out now!). The disagreements that were happening as a result of the older children not wanting the younger children to play in the hole (sabotaging their careful, hard work) have been resolved by creating a smaller hole next to it. Not only has this solved the problem, also the earth that has been removed to make the new hole has been used to create two new garden beds for planting fruit and vegetables. It’s been great to watch and an inspiring example of teamwork, problem-solving and coming up with creative solutions.

Some of the children helped prepare the soup for our monthly parents meeting. We moved the big table out of the main space for this meeting and decided we quite liked the feel of the main space being more open and spacious, so we have had the table outside this week and enjoyed some al fresco fruit sharing, lunch and drawing sessions.