And then there was light…..

This week our days at Folha Verde were brightened up by our newly installed lights – meaning we can see well and keep the place feeling cheerful even on those darker, wet autumn days. Thanks to Joao for installing it, and to Adrian for letting us temporarily tap into his solar system (and to Lucy for picking up all the materials)!

We are also working hard to get the building enclosed for the colder winter months – our main doors at the front of the building and our side entrance door are now on (thanks Rob and Joao). The windows for Folha Verde will follow soon, so we can keep all those little ones warm and comfortable over the coming winter (and Barbara and Lucy of course).

Luckily this week at Folha Verde we had another couple days of bright autumn sun – and it’s always great to see the children running around in the big, flat open space outside of lagar, free to play for part of their day as we feel is important at Folha Verde.

Philippa and Steve came along this week for one of our afternoon ‘offerings’ sessions – Philippa to read stories to some of the younger ones, and Steve to do origami. We hope to welcome more people from our wider community and visitors to the area to come and join us in our afternoon sessions to share their skills and experience.