Week 3 – Sunshine and Rain

We’ve had another good week at Folha Verde – but the weather is changing and we are looking forward to installing our woodburner this week after our first really cold days in our beautiful building!

Children of all ages have been enjoying playing on our new climbing frame (kindly donated by Heather), as well as making skull lanterns, doing leaf painting and printing and needle felting.

Our ‘Chestnut’ group (below) has been learning about letters and doing handwriting practice and some of the group have asked for some homework this week!

Our ‘Oak’ group has had more of a maths focus this week in their study sessions in the upstairs mezzanine space and our younger children enjoyed a balloon party!

In one of our morning meetings this week we talked about how we get along with one another in the space – dealing with anger, frustration and feelings of being left out. We talked about how we want to create a culture where everyone feels included and involved so that we can all be happy in the space together.

The weather has shaped our days this week. On Monday some of us were playing games in Portuguese sitting out in the sun and on Tuesday – our first really rainy day – we had a day of mostly indoor activities.

Some children have decided that they wanted to play ukulele and guitar, so we are looking into how to make that happen.

Also – some of the children helped to write this blog this week in one of our afternoon offerings – giving their ideas of what they wanted to let the outside world know about what is going on at Folha Verde.

It’s all happening! x